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GuideU makes finding the best tutors at University of Pace simple and easy. They have achieved in the respective courses, but more importantly they have a passion for helping you succeed.

All sessions take place in person, providing a rich and personal learning experience. Learn better with the help of your tutor and get the grade you deserve while studying in a collaborative and focused environment.

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Who needs a Tutor?
The Tutor Community is the fastest and easiest way to connect and consult with knowledgeable FMs all over the world. Through our FM-to-FM platform we connect FMs to insights, advice, and even project management from other facilities management professionals like you, leading to better and more informed FM decisions.
Am I a Tutor?
If you’re a facilities manager, then yes. And your knowledge is not only power, it’s revenue. The Tutor Community enables Facilities Managers around the world to utilize your industry knowledge and provide one-time or ongoing facilities management consulting services online. We think of it as FMs on-demand. You'll think of it as a great source of recurring income and an opportunity to share your knowledge and assist other people in the industry to be more successful.